Confirmed: Bell launching HTC Incredible S April 4th


  • EmperumanV

    Interesting. This will definitely be better than the Motorola Atrix for sure. HTC has done quiet a great job so far when it comes to their handsets. Plus if not mistaken, I believe this handset comes unlocked. Maybe HTC had a part to play in this?

    • Chris

      I highly doubt this would be unlocked. Also no gingerbread on launch is disappointing.

    • k


      You mean old cpu, no dual core, low resolution, less ram, smaller sd card, no 1080p, do you want me to go on?

      But it does have an 8 mp camara

  • Lance W

    960×540, dual core, 2.3 pls.

  • Sub-Joker

    I love HTC build quality. I think it’s the best in the phone business. But I’m not a fan of sense. It slows Android compared to stock android.

    Still, I would take this rather than the desire HD

  • Rick


  • Matt P.

    and a signed bootloader…

    To think, I was considering moving over to HTC after the whole Milestone debacle.

    Now I don’t know who to go with.

  • Jerry

    At least Bell is bringing new phones to Canada. I can’t say the same about Rogers. When was the last new Android released?

    • daveloft

      What do you mean Rogers has exclusive access to the Acer Liquid MT in North America. But all kidding aside they will be getting the Sony Xperia Arc and the Sony Xperia Play.

  • k

    Oh yeah, no hdmi output and tiny battery.

    The only good thing about htc’s was the bootloader and that is starting to change slowly.

    Otherwise, hardware is a year behind on all of them, not sure why everyone is so excited about it. Looks boring too just like any other htc. Mind you most smartphones are nothing exciting these days, atrix looks too plain.

  • Corks

    wow so much negativity…I’d take this over Atrix anyday. Sure Atrix has 720p(1080 soon) video but has anyone actually watched footage from it? very low quality camera compared to this

  • bob

    So is this going to be unlocked?

  • Bob

    “Nothing comes to those who wait”.

  • Bob

    “But all comes to those brave enough to not wait and dive in”.