60% of Sony Ericsson Facebook fans text their friends the most, parent least


  • markthis

    No way! REALLY?! /s

  • Wedontcare

    We don’t care

  • TomatoGuy

    And 99% of Sony Ericsson users absolutely hate unbelievable slow Android updates for their phones.

  • Keegan

    A)Who cares?
    B)Most parent’s don’t even know the difference between a text and an email! Also, the spelling on this site is horrid!

  • Etthy

    Who the hell cares?!?! mobilesyrup tell us something we actually care about……. I don’t even text my mom and i use a htc…

  • Etthy

    “There was no exact number of the number”

  • bubbles

    crazy! according to this brief survey guys love and text their girlfriends most

  • Keegan

    Bubbles it has nothing to do with that!!!! It’s just that guys are generally less social, and therefore don’t text as many people as girls do. Guys are forced to be social with their girlfriends, so they have to text them or they freak out and start saying s**t like “YOU DON’T LOVE ME!” But it’s okay for the girls to not text the guys, and the guys don’t read too much into it! lol