Google says 50% of all Android devices run OS 2.1

In Canada we have several Android-powered devices to choose from. To name a few the growing list: Hero, Liquid E, Milestone, Dext, Galaxy, Galaxy Spica, Legend, Dream, Magic+, Backflip, X10, Eve, Quench. Many of them alone have launched over the past couple months… and more to come (Desire, Galaxy S, Xperia X10 Mini & X10 Mini Pro etc.). Even Rogers President Rob Bruce said we should “Stay tuned” as they have “lots of Android” products planned from HTC and Motorola.

Carriers and customers are embracing Android… So the “revolution” is in fact in full swing. But what about the version your Android is running? Many of the above devices are still running the same OS from it was purchased months ago.

To know where you stand, every couple weeks Google puts out a chart that outlines the number of active Android devices and what OS it’s running. Google says that 50% of all Android devices are running 2.1; then 25% running Android 1.6 and rounding out the top three is OS 1.5 with 24.6%.

Where does your Android fit in?

More here at Google
Via: IntoMobile

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