Video: HTC Legend Drop Test

The HTC Legend was just released and the design is really elegant – very similar to the HTC Hero that we saw TELUS release a few months ago. We took a quick look at the hardware in our first review but promised we’d show you another video specifically with a drop test. The Legend looks sleek with it’s 3.2 inch display and one piece aluminum case. The only plastic are the keys on the front and a couple small areas on the back: one is door cover for the battery, SIM and microSD card and the other for the speaker and camera.

You’ve got to think long term with these devices mainly because we have the dreaded 3-year contract and they’ve got to last (or you can buy this no contract). With everything so flush I decided to do a drop test because the Legend looks so delicate and I wanted to see if it shattered when it hit the ground. After 4 quick tests and the last one I launched the Legend from about 4 feet off the ground and threw it another 3 feet… only a few scratches on the case. Pretty durable. Check it here

Update: People have been asking if the Legend turned on and if it still works. The answer is yes with no problems. The aluminum case only has a few scratches and all the parts that flew off went right back on.


  • Sheldon Huelin

    Great test, more bloggers should be doing stuff like this.

  • SteveM

    So did it still work after the drop test???

  • @TorontoWireless

    great test Ian.

    I enjoy your videos

  • Alex T.

    Great video! Can we expect a new contest for a slightly drop tested and slightly scratched HTC Legend? 😛

  • Damien R.

    Would love to have seen if the parts that came off would still go back on, and if the phone still worked… or to know if we would need to order replacement parts…

    But fantastic video!

  • quatchi

    Nice …
    software review plzz =)

  • chris

    liked the tests, but i would of liked to have seen one drop on its side. I think it will drop more often on its corner or edges than its back. Also would like to know whether the phone is still functional. Probably won’t see it happen here but, if possible a test with casing?

  • Stuart

    Sayonara Rogers

  • Jon

    Good test, but DOES IT BLEND?

  • Albert

    Ahhhh….it hurts to watch 😛

  • Nadim

    Ian you my friend are crazy but I love this review haha.

  • Wesley Hwang

    They should do a contest for this phone now 😀

  • peter

    If it still works, you should give it away! if not I’ll take it ^.^

  • DavidM

    Good stuff, glad to see more consideration to the critical element of durability. Of course being able to upgrade the OS is important in that regard too. 🙂

  • Cheddar

    Do a bulldozer test!

  • J. Seguin

    I cried on the inside… a little piece of me died with every drop…

  • Arshad

    @Jon – That is the most important question isn’t it LOL.

  • sneha chandra

    omg….it seems to be durable…will certainly beat the iphone…wish a test can be shown for the iphone4 as well whn it comes out…

  • mkm

    So instead of doing giveaways mobilesyrup will now perform crash tests on all new smartphones? 😉

  • jeff donnelly

    i like how he calls it a drop test but yet he’s throwing it hahaha gotta love it! great review:)

  • Rimon Moshi

    Good test, But…Can it be won??? 🙂

  • Brian Jacques

    Next time show if all the parts go back on, or are they broken?

    And does it still work?

    Whats the point of drop tests if your don’t show it going back together and working??

  • Wesley Hwang

    I guess so, lol

  • J-M Roubos


  • Bryan

    that was more painful than a root canal.

  • Wesley Hwang

    If u watched Iron Man it was more painful ;p when he landed on his cars..

  • Jso

    I think the screen didn’t take damage because of how the buttom protrudes forward.Try poking the screen with keys or something haha i want to know how much damage my legend can take.

  • Soheil

    Can anything be done for a scratch on the aluminium case? Any polish or something?!!!

    • douglas.jordan

      just buff it out with a nail file lol.

  • Umair

    O man every time when you drop it there is some thing i feel in heart. I dont kown for what that was. Even i dont own that phone but i feel some thing.

  • douglas.jordan

    i have this phone, i bike everywhere and it has gone flying out of my pocket.. i go back pick it up, put the battery in, put on the cover and turn it back on, no harm done..