Virgin HTC Legend Unboxed & Hardware Review

Virgin launched the HTC Legend and it’s a great addition to their lineup. Over the past few months – ever since Bell took complete control of them and hopped onto HSPA – they have insanely started to offer better devices. A few to mention are the BlackBerry Bold 9700, Pearl 3G, Apple iPhone and now their first Android-powered device.

We got hold of a Legend and did a quick unboxing and hardware review. The overall design looks almost identical to the HTC Hero, but a main difference is that the handset is made from one piece of aluminum. This certainly makes it more appealing to look at. It also feels great in the hand and only weighs in at 126 grams – but I’m honestly scared to drop this thing as I feel it’ll shatter on me. We’ll actually follow up with a drop test video and report back. The Legend has a 3.2 touchscreen display that has a HVGA resolution of 320 x 480.

In the box you get the standard stuff like warrant, quick start guide, wall charger/ Micro-USB connector, earphones. When it comes other aspects of the hardware… you’ll see in the video that there are minimal buttons: volume rocker on the left side, Home, Menu, Back and Search on the front along with a optical trackball that’s flush to the device. In addition this comes with a 3.5 mm headset jack. On the back it comes with a 5 megapixel camera with flash, auto-focus and can shoot video. The Legend also has a 1300 mAh battery. To insert the SIM and microSD card you slide the rubberized bottom cover on the back down.

Overall very impressed with the hardware – super slim. It’s probably best to get a case of some sorts. In the next review we’ll go more into Android OS 2.1, HTC Sense, Friend Stream, Android Market etc…


  • Cadet

    i wish they have android too on fido… but with robbers with big egos… very unlikely…

  • Mark

    Should I wait for the HTC Desire to be launched in Canada? Faster processor…what do you think?

  • FIlip Mares

    This looks like a great Android release. For $350, this is a steal. Hopefully Bell/Virgin give out the unlock codes.

  • julia

    Can you unlock this phone using Wind Mobile?

  • Charles

    WOW! ‘Really looks cool.
    I was waiting for the Dell Streak, (in which I’d put a VMC SIM card); but now, I’m not so sure any more… Eagerly waiting for your software review!

  • Tony Roberts

    is this locked ( will it work on Rogers)?

  • Nadim

    Looks like a decent affordable smartphone. Can’t wait for the full review guys!

  • Brodie G

    Looks nice. I was thinking of getting a Nexus One and get service with either Wind or Mobilicity when I move to Toronto, this phone has me wanting to keep my service with Virgin.

  • xaueious

    Desire wins all.

  • Fred

    To answer some of the questions. Yes it will work on Rogers as long as you remove the SIM lock. If Virgin/Bell will not give you the unlock code you can get it from various websites for about $20.

    It will not work on Wind Mobile because they use a different frequency and protocol.

  • Steve S

    Good start, by why no review of the HTC Desire? There are better products out there than this or the Crapples

  • Alex Flint

    i just picked up a Legend today. Make sure you listen to What The Cell tomorrow if you want to hear our discussion on it.

    perpetualradio dot com

  • Patrick

    does anyone know the price on a 2 year contract if any?
    and would it be better to go with bell or virgin? I’m currently on bell and I can’t decide weather to switch or stay!

    thanks for the help.

  • Tunde O

    Probably because he only reviews carrier branded phones. And the desire is not on any Canadian Carrier I know in Canada.

  • Francis

    i’m kinda surprised they dont give out any microSD along with the phone

    then again, microSD are cheap nowadays, so it shouldn’t be that much of a problem

  • Richard

    is virgin worth looking at? I really need to get a new service (using petro canada) with data but not wanting to get stuck with the three big bad companies who will lock me forever – I am considering wind (here in Vancouver) but travel a great deal and dont want to pay extra. Which is the best to go with? Leaning to BB or iPhone although I would prefer droid but not too impressed with anything.

  • Jason Bayer

    It says on the website that it comes with a MicroSD, so its more than likely already in the phone. And as far as I’ve read (and seen) the Legend is only available on a 3-yr contract for $79.99 and month-month for $349.99.

  • claybrik

    These marketing experts that use vocabulary that the average layman does not understand, should realize that all a “consumer” wants is a phone that works. Who gives a crap about the operating system?
    just make sure it works.


  • claybrik

    Micro Sd cards [ 8 meg ] $24.95 at Walmart. Hurry up, before they are sold out.

  • Plazmic Flame

    To further stress the unlocking inquires, be very careful. Comments from the experience of Canadians across the interwebs has shown that Virgin (which is owned by Bell) and Bell are very tight when giving out unlocked codes. You might even find that on most 3rd party unlocking sites, the cost is slightly higher than unlock codes for the likes of Rogers/Fido.

    My suggestion, if you’re interested in using this phone on another network, is to wait until unlock codes are available for this device specifically. Any good unlocker will be able to tell you, truthfully, if they can unlock a specific device, if you ask.

  • Terry

    I bought one and unlocked it. Using it on Rogers. It comes with a 2GB memory card.

  • kewlmart

    If unlocked to Fido can it use the 3G network?

  • Jon S.

    I’m wondering, if I purchase the Virgin Mobile version of the HTC Legend and get the phone unlocked, will voice & data operate on the 3G Rogers network?