Rogers set to release the Corby Pro at $69.99 on 3-year


  • Colin

    Instead of targeting “customers who don’t want to subscribe to a data plan” with dumbed-down phones, why don’t they offer lower amounts of megabytes for less?

    For example, $10 for 100mb should be easy for them when they are charging $35 for 1,000mb.

    Then, people who can’t afford a big data plan can still use a smartphone.

    Instead, we get yet another dumb phone with an unlimited on-device plan which means the phone has been crippled to only use a basic wap browser.

    I have a blackberry and the only way I can use it to subscribe to a $35/month plan, when I only need to use about 50mb a month. So it’s just sitting in a drawer right now.

  • Hello

    Yes, same here, I only need a max of 100 mb on my blackberry pearl

  • Aiden Cho

    This is a good phone for wap. I mean for the others where $10 for 100mbs and so on, carriers aren’t making enough. Let’s face it, RIM and Apple take royaly for every device consumers use, so with only $10, half of that money would not be going to carriers.

    I do agree, just not realistic

  • jimmy

    Guys get with the times, TELUS offers social networking plans that keep it affordable on a monthly basis while still having access to our favorite data apps.

    If u aren’t stuck in rogers contract you could enjoy your wireless services, including data.

    Existing TELUS customers even still have access to UNLIMITED DATA for as low as $15 a month, and now with them having a superior network than the Robers, why not be with an affordable wireless carrier???

    I was with rogers back 5 years ago and i would honestly pay $50 a month just for 2 MB of DATA, so i jumped ship onto a TELUS unlimited Data plan with more minutes and features for $50 a month TOTAL!!:s

  • pascal

    Rogers is offering 15$ data plan… it wont trigger promotionnal pricing so you would pay more for your device… and by the there is a 25$ data plan wich is eligible for promotionnal pricing.

    But on the subject this phone is full HTML enabled so with a WAP option the browsing is pretty much the same than on a smartphone so with either the WAP push function well its not BB like but cool for personnal usage (IM SMS email and You Tube)

  • Matthew Young

    anyone know if rogers will be releasing lock codes so this phone can be used with other providers?

  • Nico

    Download Opera Mini with Unlimited Mobile Browsing ($10 standalone or in a Value pack) and you will have a better browsing experience than the Rogers WAP browser. This phone is capable of HTML.


  • Ron

    we missing the point??? I have internet accsess y would I pay agian for dat