Rogers to release “Rocket Hub” later this month

Rogers HubRogers has released a new wireless product called the “Rocket Hub” that will be available later this month, plans start at $35 per month, plus the cost of the hardware (no word on that cost yet).

Basically this act as an agent to give you a wireless or voice connection when you cannot find one. All you have to do is plug this bad boy in and you’re good to go, it connects over “Rogers 7.2 Mpbs HSPA network, using either Wi-Fi or Ethernet to allow multiple devices to share one Internet connection and its UMTS network for voice.”

Pretty cool, especially if you are in really remote Canadian areas. John Boynton, Senior VP and CMO said today that “The Rocket Hub, seamlessly integrating both voice and Internet services in one simple, cost-effective solution, provides businesses and consumers the option of a reliable, portable voice and data connection where and when they need it. With the launch of the first fixed offering in the mobile internet category, Rogers is once again listening to our customers and delivering the newest innovations to meet their needs.”

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