Freedom Mobile offering $29 bill credit on some prepaid plans

The offer expires on April 2nd

Freedom Mobile is offering a $29 bill credit on several of its monthly prepaid plans, including Canada-U.S. options.

The provider will apply the credit on the third month of service. It applies to the following plans:

  • $24/month 4GB 4G plan
  • $34/month 20GB 4G Canada-U.S. plan
  • $39/month 50GB 5G Canada-U.S. plan
  • $45/month 75GB 5G Canada-U.S. plan
  • $50/month 100GB 5G Canada-U.S. plan

These price points include a $5/month discount that comes with automatic payments. Customers signing up for the 20GB, 50GB, and 75GB options can save an additional $5/month for 24 months if they bring their own devices.

Some of Freedom’s prepaid plan offerings as of April 1st.

The offer ends on April 2nd.

More information is available on Freedom’s website.

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