No, your TV isn’t broken: Disney+ has a new logo

The logo blends colours from Disney and Hulu in a nod to the upcoming merger

Disney+ logo change comparison

Disney has updated the logo and colours of its Disney+ streaming service, replacing the dark blue with a teal shade in a nod to the company’s looming merger with Hulu.

I first noticed the new logo on my Roku TV earlier this week and briefly thought there was something wrong with it (which would hardly be a surprise, given how much is already wrong with my TV). But according to The Verge, it’s not just my TV — the new logo has turned up on the streaming service’s website and on app stores too.

Along with the colour change, the swoosh arcing over the word ‘Disney’ and meeting the top of the ‘+’ has changed from a bluish gradient to a boring white line.

byu/TimmyGUNZ from discussion

A Reddit user created a mockup comparing the new logo’s colours and Hulu. While not exact, it illustrates where the new Disney+ colour is coming from. The Verge also points out that the new colour helps Disney+ stand out from other streamers, many of which prominently use blue in their logos.

Despite those arguments, I’m not really a fan. The colour looks almost sickly to me. Plus, the change doesn’t make much sense for Canadians, given Hulu was never available north of the border, and much of the content was already in Disney+ through Star, which has a totally different colour scheme.

Via: The Verge

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