Tesla ramps up Cybertruck battery cell production

The EV maker says the battery cells are enough for 1,000 models per week

Tesla has expanded the production of battery cells for its electric vehicles (EVs).

The company has been silent about ramping up the production of batteries at its Texas plant. Original battery production started with Model Y, a mid-size SUV. Tesla made nearly 5,000 battery cells for the car before switching to focus on the Cybertunk, Tesla’s full-size electric pickup truck model, to create a newer version of the cell.

During the EV maker’s last earnings call, Drew Baglino, Tesla’s senior vice president of energy engineering, said that producing batteries doesn’t limit other components for developing Cybertrunks and that weeks’ worth of battery inventory is available if needed.

It is unclear how many Cybertrucks are being produced, but numbers are likely to increase with the development of more battery cells coming weekly.

An X (formerly Twitter) post from the official Cybertruck account said, “Produced over 1k Cybertrucks’ worth of 4680 cells at Giga Texas last week,” identical to Model Y’s reported battery cell numbers, which were also 4,680.

A battery pack for a Cybertruck is around 123kWh, which means Tesla produced more 0.123mWh in the past week. These numbers suggest over 6gWh of annual battery cell production.

Some reports said that Tesla is struggling to produce more batteries after revealing the newer cell. The company hired a semiconductor manufacturing expert to create EV batteries.

Image Credit: Cybertruck

Source: Cybertruck Via: Electrek

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