YouTube is refreshing its TV app to feel more interactive

You can now view YouTube videos on your TV more like you're watching from a phone or laptop

YouTube is rolling out a better way to view videos on your TV as the platform adjusts its at-home, big-screen viewing experience.

In a recent YouTube blog post, the company revealed that it’s launching a new video player with a reduced size, allowing for a second on the right side that showcases the creator’s profile, the video’s description, comments, views, likes, and more.

At the bottom right-hand corner, the creator can display products used in their videos, like the makeup shown in the demo video in the blog post. A QR code has yet to be added to create quicker access to external links, but a more seamless transition could come as tests and further updates roll out, which YouTube says are coming in the next few weeks.

The example video indicates users still need to use YouTube’s mobile app to post comments and replies. Finally, the blog post also hints at future viewing experience improvements, including live chats, fantasy views, and multiview.

Image credit: YouTube

Source: YouTube Via: The Verge

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