Rogers redirects Fido’s internet services to discounted fibre internet packages

Options include a $69.99/month plan for two years with speeds up to 150Mbps

Rogers is redirecting Fido customers looking for internet services to its website.

The Toronto-based company stopped offering Fido’s internet services on October 1st, 2023.

Rogers CEO Tony Staffieri previously noted the move helps the company consolidate “to the Rogers brand.”

Rogers’ Q4 2023 financial report shows there were 182,000 Fido internet customers when the flanker stopped offering services.

Now, internet services are back on Fido’s website. But anyone who clicks on it will be redirected to Rogers’ website.

Customers are directed to enter their address to see if Rogers’ internet services are available to them and to check what packages they have access to.

In parts of Ontario, for example, customers can access the following plans:

  • ‘Ignite Internet 50’ – $49.99/month for up to 50Mbps download speed for 24 months (was $89.99/month)
  • ‘Ignite Internet 150’ – $69.99/month for download speeds up to 150Mbps for 24 months (was $109.99/month)
  • ‘Ignite Internet 500’ – $79.99/month for download speeds up to 500Mbps for 24 months (was $119.99/month)

These plans require the promo code “ROGERSSAVE.”

More information on Rogers’ website.

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