Here’s everything we know so far about the Pixel Fold 2

The tech giant's next foldable isn't expected to release until October

The Pixel Fold 2 is likely several months away from release, as recent rumours point to an October launch for Google’s next foldable smartphone. Given my love for foldables, I thought now would be a good time to round up all the speculation and rumours surrounding the upcoming smartphone.

It’s worth noting that the original Pixel Fold didn’t launch in Canada and that Google only released the foldable in four countries: the U.S., Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom. However, Google dropping a device in select regions before releasing it in more areas isn’t unprecedented.

With that in mind, here’s hoping the Fold 2 launches in Canada.

Pixel Fold 2 test version leaks (February 2024)

Thanks to Android Authority, we’ve caught a glimpse of an early test version of the Pixel Fold 2. This leak is based on the Engineering Validation Test stage of the foldable.

A product goes through multiple phases before release, starting with the prototype, then the engineering validation test (EVT) stage, then design validation testing (DVT), followed by product validation testing (PVT) and lastly mass production (MP). Considering this is the EVT stage, a lot could change before the handset is ready for mass production.

However, according to Android Authority’s source, this is what the Pixel Fold 2 looks like in its current Engineering Validation Test Stage.

This is our best look at the Pixel Fold 2 yet. Image credit: Android Authority

Overall, the Pixel Fold 2’s design looks like it could be very different compared to the original Pixel Fold.

According to the source, the Pixel Fold 2 will offer a slimmer aspect ratio to the original Pixel Fold. The Pixel Fold features a pretty wide aspect ratio; when folded, it’s close to 18:9, which is the same as standard candybar smartphones. Now, the handset will sport an aspect ratio similar to the OnePlus Open, one of the best aspect ratios I’ve encountered so far with a foldable. With close to a 20:9 aspect ratio, the Pixel Fold 2 will be wider than the awkwardly tall Galaxy Z Fold 5.

We’re also looking at a completely different camera bump compared to last year. The Pixel Fold sports a camera bar similar to the Pixel 8 series, but it looks like the four sensors will be in the top right corner. While the four sensors’ hardware specs remain a mystery, it appears we’ll get a wide primary shooter, an ultrawide lens and a periscope lens, but it’s unclear what the fourth sensor is. It’s possible Google is bringing the Pixel 8 Pro’s temperature sensor to the Pixel Fold 2, but we don’t know for sure.

The Pixel Fold’s folded aspect ratio is 🔥.

Android Authority hasn’t published a photo of the front of the device, but its source told the publication that the bezels around the display are much thinner than last year. It also looks like the display will be interrupted by a hole punch camera.

On the inside, we’re looking at a whopping 16GB of RAM, the most of any Google handset ever. Rumours suggest this is because of the new ‘Pixie’ AI replacing Google Assistant. Most importantly, the handset seems to be skipping over the Tensor G3 available in the Pixel 8 series and will instead feature the unreleased Tensor G4 chipset, which will reportedly launch alongside the Pixel 9 series.

Leaked codenames (October, 2023)

In October, we learned that Google is working on the Pixel Fold 2 — or possibly another folding device — as the codename ‘Comet’ appeared in a Pixel Buds app update.

Because of this leak, we know to keep an eye out for the codename Comet in any of Google’s app updates, and it’s likely our mystery folding handset.

That’s all we know so far about the Pixel Fold 2. This story will be updated with more reports and leaks when they appear.

Source: Android Authority, 9to5Google

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