Pixel 8 camera bug causing issues with auto exposure adjustments

The issue persists across camera modes

Google Pixel 8 owners are reporting a bug with the phone’s camera app, causing issues with adjusting exposure.

As spotted by Android Police, several Pixel 8 owners took to Reddit to detail a bug with the exposure adjustment. Usually, when a user taps an area to focus, the phone automatically adjusts exposure to account for the amount of light. However, that’s currently not happening with the Pixel 8.

The bug surfaces across camera modes but is specific to when the camera is at 1x zoom. The automatic exposure adjustment starts working again when you bump it up to 2x zoom. I replicated the behaviour on my Pixel 8, and Android Police reported that it was happening on multiple Pixel 8 units they tested.

Alongside the Reddit thread about the problem, there’s also a Google Issue Tracker thread about the problem too, which hopefully means it’s on Google’s radar and a fix is in the works.

Source: Reddit, Google Issue Tracker Via: Android Police

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