Feature that turns your Samsung Galaxy phone into a webcam could launch soon

The feature could launch as part of a Windows OS update on March 24th

Microsoft and Samsung recently announced a partnership at CES 2024 to make Galaxy phones work as a webcam for Windows PCs. It looks like the feature may become available as part of a Windows OS update in late March.

The feature will allow users to connect their Galaxy smartphone camera to their Windows PC easily, potentially through the Phone Link app. Samsung’s partnership with Microsoft will enable the use of the phone’s advanced camera controls, such as background blur and automatic framing.

Gone will be the days of having to use your laptop’s (presumably) terrible built-in webcam, and you can say hello to using the Galaxy phone’s high-quality cameras.

Android Police says it received a tip from a Reddit user about the Galaxy Book 4 Pro’s Korean Product page featuring information about the OS required for both the Galaxy phones and Windows. The footnote on the page reads the smartphone camera as a webcam feature will be “Available on Samsung Galaxy smartphones with One UI 6.0 or higher, and Samsung Galaxy book series devices with One UI 6.0 or higher and Windows 11 24H1 OS.”

Microsoft hasn’t released Windows 11’s ’24H1 update’ yet, but the Galaxy book page states that the service is supposedly scheduled to be available on March 24th.

No official demo of the new feature has been shared yet, but the marketing materials suggest it will work wirelessly.

Apple released a feature similar to this called Continuity Camera that allows users to use their iPhone as a webcam with their Mac.

Image credit: Samsung

Source: Android Police

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