Sony’s ‘Sterling Silver’ PS5 DualSense controller now available in Canada

If you're looking for a more low-key coloured PS5 gamepad, it's finally arrived

I’m a sucker for silver-coloured tech, and this DualSense gamepad hue is so cool looking that I might need to buy one.

While Sony’s ‘Deep Earth Collection‘ of console covers and controllers, including ‘Cobalt Blue,’ ‘Volcanic Red,’ have been available for some time, ‘Sterling Silver’ is only releasing now.

While the blue and red colours are far more attention-grabbing, silver is decidedly low-key and reminiscent of the ‘Midnight Black‘ Dualsense gamepad. These new colours join ‘Starlight Blue,’ ‘Gray Camouflage,’ ‘Nova Pink,’ ‘Galactic Purple,’ and of course, ‘White.’

Like all of Sony’s PS5 gamepads, the Sterling Silver DualSense controller costs $94.96.

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