Samsung announces AI based press conference to be held at CES 2024

The keynote will take place during CES 2024 in Las Vegas

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Samsung has confirmed that it will host an AI showcase press conference at CES 2024 in January next year.

The keynote will take place during the tech event on January 8th. Samsung announced the news in a press release that also revealed the showcase’s name as ‘AI for All: Connectivity in the Age of AI.’

Although there’s currently no word on what exactly the company plans to show during the conference, if its name is an indication, those in attendance could be treated to further projects featuring the use of AI being shown off by Samsung.

The press release also confirms that the event will begin at 2pm PT/5pm ET) at the South Pacific Ballroom, North Convention Center at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas.

The South Korean tech giant is being relatively scarce in its description of the event, with the only other concrete information being that Jong-Hee Han, the vice chairman, CEO and head of Samsung’s Device eXperience division, will kick things off by introducing the conference.

It’s safe to say that Samsung may have introduced the conference as an all-encompassing keynote focused on the company’s future goals involving AI. One topic of discussion could be its plan to takeover the AI smartphone market with its upcoming Galaxy S24 lineup.

Since it’s been confirmed that the S24 series will implement AI in some form, more will likely be revealed at the event.

The AI for All press conference will livestream on Samsung Newsroom, which can be found here. The company also says to “stay tuned” for more updates as CES 2024 draws closer.

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Source: Samsung

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