Honda’s CES tease hints at Cybertruck-like design for upcoming EV series

The automaker seems to be taking inspiration from Tesla's EV truck

Honda EV tease

Honda has plans to make major announcements regarding its electric vehicle (EV) plans at CES in January, revealing its “global EV series.”

Not much is known about the automaker’s EV plans beyond the Cybertruck-like teaser it shared alongside its CES tease. The image features a car designed nearly entirely of very hard angles, with a strange geometric pattern on its wheel coverings. Interestingly, no tail lights or bumper are featured on the vehicle in the teaser image.

Like most automakers, Honda seems to have plans to take the futuristic-looking root with its EV line. It’s worth pointing out that this image is likely of a fancy concept car that will never see the light of day. While Honda’s consumer EV plans will borrow from this design in some ways, they probably won’t be quite as out there.

“Honda will showcase the global EV series models and several key technologies that illustrate the significant transformation Honda is currently undergoing,” said Honda in a press release. The company aims to offer 30 new EVs by 2030 with a sales goal of 2 million cars. It says it will switch to selling 100 percent zero-emissions vehicles by 2040, alongside reaching carbon neutrality.

In other Honda EV-related news, the company recently cancelled its plans to build a line of affordable EVs with General Motors. The automaker currently offers a tiny Honda e city car EV in Europe and Asia, and will soon release a Prologue EV SUV in North America.

Honda’s EV CES announcement will take place on January 4th, 2024, at 10:30am ET/1:30pm PT.

Image credit: Honda

Via: Car and Driver

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