Hideo Kojima’s next game is an Xbox-exclusive called OD

Hideo Kojima describes the game as a unique combination of a game and a movie

At the 2023 Game Awards, storied video game creator Hideo Kojima revealed his studio’s next major title, OD, an Xbox-exclusive title featuring Euphoria‘s Hunter Schafer alongside Sophia Lillis and Udo Kier.

During the title’s reveal, Kojima said that OD will take advantage of the Xbox Series X’s cloud power and emphasized that it’s a “new kind of game.”

Actor, comedian and filmmaker Jordan Peele is involved in the project on a creative level and spoke about the title on stage at The Game Awards. Peele’s most recent work includes critically acclaimed horror titles Get Out, Us and Nope.

Kojima said that other notable directors are also involved in OD, calling his team of creative partners for the Microsoft-backed project “The Avengers.”

It’s unclear what kind of game OD actually is, but it appears to be a combination of a video game and a movie. Check out the trailer above.

Image credit: Xbox (Screenshot)

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