Donkey Kong Country is coming to Japan’s Super Nintendo World in early 2024

A Mine-Cart Madness ride is coming to Super Nintendo World in Japan

Donkey Kong Country Super Nintendo World ride

The Japan location of Super Nintendo World will get a new Donkey Kong Country area in the spring of 2024, according to a post on X from Universal Studios.

Real-life footage of the ‘Mine-Cart Madness’ ride hasn’t been released yet, with Universal Studios and Nintendo instead releasing an animated trailer showing off what the ride will look like. Mine-Cart Madness is commonly cited as the original Donkey Kong Country‘s best stage, but I hated playing through it as a kid back in 1994 (it moved too fast for my tiny child brain).

Along with the ride, the Donkey Kong Country section of the park will include “food and merchandise,’ similar to the rest of Super Nintendo World.

The Donkey Kong Country area of Super Nintendo World expands the overall footprint of the theme park by 70 percent. The Osaka, Japan-located park first opened two years ago with a Super Mario Bros./Mushroom Kingdom-themed collection of attractions.

Along with its Japan location, Universal Studios also has a Super Nintendo World location in Los Angeles, California (it doesn’t seem like Mine Cart Madness is coming to this location). However, the attraction will be part of Super Nintendo World’s upcoming location at Universal Orlando resort, which will open by the summer of 2025.

Source: @UniStudios Via: Engadget 

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