Google Chrome is working on an AI feature to organize your tabs

The feature is still in development, and it is unclear when it will make its way to the stable Chrome build

Google Chrome logo on Pixel 6

Google is going full steam ahead with AI-enabled features for its range of products, with Chrome being the latest inclusion.

Google is working on AI features for Google Chrome that will allow you to better manage your tabs, as shared by @Leopeva64 on X, via AndroidPolice.

As part of the AI-enabled features, Chrome will automatically order your tabs for you in an intelligent way. @Leopeva64‘s tweet shows a new loading animation for the feature that looks similar to other AI options in Google Search. When you right-click on a tab and select Organize Tabs, a new window will open in the tab switcher interface. There, you will see the new animation that suggests that AI is working on sorting your tabs.

It’s worth noting that the feature isn’t live yet, and even @Leopeva64‘s experiment with it yielded no results at all. Upon trying to run the tool, Leopeva got a “Something went wrong” message, saying “Tab organization is currently unavailable.”

Leopeva also reported that Tab Organization isn’t the only AI feature that Chrome is working on. The new AI settings section, which can be accessed by typing chrome://settings/ai in the address bar, has three options so far.

The first one is an Autofill helper, which could improve the accuracy and reliability of autofilling forms. The second one is a Context menu tab group, which is the same as the tab organization feature. The third one is an Expanded theme gallery, which could add more customization options to Chrome.

It is currently unclear if and when these features will make their way to the stable Chrome build.

Source: @Leopeva64, Via: AndroidPolice

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