The PS5 Slim Digital Console is now available for pre-order in Canada

The digital version of the new PS5 Slim starts at $579 in Canada

When Sony’s PS5 Slim launched in Canada earlier this month, only the version of the console with a disc drive was available. At the time, it was unclear when or if the Digital Edition PS5 Slim would make its way here.

Fast-forward a few weeks, and now it looks like the PS5 Slim Digital Edition is coming north of the U.S. border on November 29th (if The Source’s “estimated delivery date’ is accurate). On the other hand, GameStop lists the console’s release date as “to be confirmed.” MobileSyrup has reached out to Sony for more information.

In Canada, the PS5 Slim Digital Console costs $579.99, while the Disc version costs $649.99, costing $70 less. In comparison, the OG PS5 Digital Edition costs $519.99 and the Disc version costs $649.99.

A few retailers currently have the PS5 Slim Digital Console available for pre-order, including the following (more will likely appear soon):

As you likely already figured out from its name, the PS5 Slim Digital Edition doesn’t feature a disc drive. However, it offers the same slimmer design at 1TB SSD as the disc version. It’s unclear when or if the attachable disc drive will be released in Canada or how much it’ll cost. In the U.S. it’s priced at $29.99 (about $41 CAD).

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