Microsoft invests millions in Québec’s AI infrastructure footprint

The investment will see the construction of datacentre locations in several cities

Microsoft is investing $500 million USD (roughly $685 CAD) to expand its digital infrastructure footprint in Québec.

The investment will go towards Microsoft’s hyperscale cloud computing and AI infrastructure over the next two years. The company says the funding will see its local cloud infrastructure footprint increase by 750 percent in Canada. Its computing capacity will also increase by 240 percent over the next three years.

The investment will see the construction of datacentre locations in the cities of L’Ancienne-LoretteDonnaconaSaint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, and Lévis in the “coming months.”

Microsoft has long invested in the province.

“These investments will not only provide Quebec’s private and public sector organizations with more capacity and added resiliency to transform operations but will also enable a trusted and secure foundation to scale solutions faster to market and compete globally, securing Quebec’s future in the digital economy,” Chris Barry, the president of Microsoft Canada, said in a press release.

The tech giant says it’s also working with organizations to help people gain the skills and capabilities needed for the digital economy.

One of these projects is a partnership with KPMG. The two organizations have launched the Operational Risk Skills Development Centre.

Businesses and governments can access free French-first training focusing on cybersecurity protections, the opportunities and challenges of GenAI and its responsible implementation.

Source: Microsoft Canada

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