Google Meet will soon let you raise your hand to raise your hand

A new gesture rolling out to Meet will trigger the hand-raise function when you raise your actual hand

You’ll soon be able to trigger Google Meet’s hand-raise function by just raising your hand.

As a Google Workspace blog post detailed, the new hand-detection gesture is rolling out starting in the next few days. Instead of needing to click a button, users will be able to hold up their hand, wait a moment for Meet to recognize the gesture, and then it will alert participants the same way as if they’d clicked the button.

The gesture should automatically turn off when a participant is the active speaker, thus preventing any hand gestures from triggering the hand-raise function. However, if the feature becomes problematic, it can be manually turned off by heading to More Options > Reactions > Hand Raise Gesture.

The blog post notes that the rollout will start in the next few days for ‘Rapid Release’ domains. ‘Scheduled Release’ domains will see a gradual rollout starting November 28th and taking up to 15 days.

GIF credit: Google

Source: Google Via: Engadget

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