M3 Macbook Pro teardown reveals more details about ‘Space Black’ anodized finish

iFixit uncovered new details regarding how Apple created the 'Space Black' M3 MacBook Pro's anti-smudge surface

Apple’s new M3 MacBook Pro has caught the attention of a lot of users. Not only is it a bonafide powerhouse thanks to the new M3 chipset, but it also comes with the long-awaited return of a darker colourway.

The ‘Space Black’ finish is a notable standout to many users who miss the darker option. Upon its reveal, Apple shared that the MacBook Pro offers a finish that features an anodized seal. It’s designed to ward off grease and smudges left by users. Notable how-to site iFixit has released its deep-dive on the ‘Space Black’ finish and seal.

During the eight-minute-long video, iFixit detailed the process of creating the M3 MacBook Pro. The anodization process is Apple’s way of creating a protective surface surrounding the MacBook’s chassis to prevent smudges from appearing.

While dubbed ‘Space Black,’ the M3 MacBook Pro appears to be a tinge grayer than true black. However, Apple has gone above and beyond to ensure it airs closer to a darker gray. It’s explained that on a microscopic level, Apple etched the anodized surface to varying heights to achieve a darker look. “Apple found they could etch the already rough anodized surface, making it more uneven,”iFixit‘s Kevin O’Reilly confirms. With these etchings, light can be diffused, creating a tone that is closer to a matte finish.

Additionally, these same etchings help prevent smudges from appearing on the surface. Unlike other finishes, the Space Black MacBook Pro’s etches make it difficult for oil and sweat to spread across the surface. Therefore, fingerprints are easier to avoid. It’s also theorized that a polymer coating could be incorporated to further assist in chemically resisting smudges.

In Canada, the M3 MacBook Pro has a starting price of $2,099 for the 14-inch model and $3,299 for the 16-inch option. A smudge-free experience may not be enough to warrant the upgrade. The selling point lies within the M3 chipset. Our own Patrick O’Rourke went hands-on with the M3 Max MacBook Pro. Whether or not the M3 MacBook Pro is a must-have for you will likely depend on your workflow.

Source: iFixit Via: MacRumors

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