iPhone 16 Pro rumoured to feature solid-state buttons

Solid-state buttons were reportedly cut from the iPhone 15 Pro series

iPhone 14 Pro

Rumours suggest Apple’s iPhone 16 Pro may include solid-state haptic buttons after previous leaks claimed they were cut from the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro series.

The iPhone 15 Pro series will retain physical buttons, according to reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Previous rumours suggested that the iPhone 15 Pro series might include solid-state ones, but Kuo said the feature was cut due to “unresolved technical issues.”

Over the weekend, Mark Gurman included more information in the Power On newsletter for paid subscribers, writing that Apple will “likely” hold off on including solid-state buttons until the iPhone 16 Pro series (via MacRumors). Like with the rumours about the iPhone 15 series, only the Pro devices are expected to have solid-state buttons, while the more affordable models will use the old mechanical buttons.

Solid-state buttons don’t move and instead provide haptic feedback that makes them feel real. The advantages include less space taken up by a mechanical button and that they are less liable to break. Apple previously replaced the mechanical home button with a solid-state one on the iPhone 7 series.

Though it won’t be haptic, the iPhone 15 Pro still might have a reprogrammable “action” button above the volume controls.

The iPhone 15 won’t release until September 2023, and the iPhone 16 won’t arrive until September 2024, so plans for the iPhone 16 are likely to change.

Source: Bloomberg Via: MacRumors

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