Here’s how to set a primary location for your Netflix account

You need to set a primary location by Tuesday, February 21st

Netflix’s crackdown on password sharing is in full swing, and the streaming service has now shared a date by which users need to have a primary location set for their account.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the recent changes at Netflix, here’s a quick rundown.

According to the Los Gatos, California-based streamer, it’s okay for users to share passwords to their Netflix accounts within the same household, but not with people outside of it. And, for any reason, if you choose to share your password with users outside your household, you’ll need to pay an extra $7.99 per person. These sub-accounts will have their own profiles, personalized recommendations, logins and passwords, said Netflix in an earlier statement.

Users need to set a primary location for their account, and this is how Netflix will know if anyone is using your account from a different location and a different I.P. address. The streaming service is asking subscribers to set their primary location by Tuesday, February 21st.

How to set a primary location

To set up a primary location, you’ll have to log in to the Netflix app from a TV. The option to set the primary location doesn’t come up when using the PC/mobile Netflix app. Press the left button on your remote to bring up the app menu, and select Get Help > Manage Primary Location. It’s unclear why Netflix has not expanded the ability to set your primarily location beyond its smart TV app.

You now have to choose where to receive a verification link. You can have it sent to you by email or by text. If you have not added a phone number or email address to your account, you will only see one option.

Open the verification email/message and select ‘Review Request’ and set a primary location. According to Netflix, you will now “see a confirmation on your TV screen and receive a confirmation email. Select Continue to Netflix to start watching.”

It’s worth noting that if a primary location isn’t set by February 21st, Netflix will automatically set one for you based on IP address, device IDs, and account activity. The company also notes that “If you don’t watch Netflix on a TV or don’t have one, you do not need to set a primary location for your account.” It doesn’t make it clear if a primary location for non-TV Netflix users would be set by the company automatically, or if non-TV Netflix users can bypass the new password-sharing rule. It is unlikely to be the latter.


Source: Netflix

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