The Legend of Zelda has been faithfully remade in Minecraft without any mods

One of Nintendo’s most beloved retro games has been remade in Minecraft

A faithful remake of 1986’s The Legend of Zelda has been created in Minecraft. This passion project comes from the mind of creator C1OUS3R, who spent close to a month working on it.

In a video published to his channel, C1OUS3R catalogues his time building the remake from start to finish. At the top of the video, the creator notes that no mods are being used. According to C1OUS3R, this means the project can be made as accessible as possible. Rather than using a Resource Pack available in the game, which users would have to download, “Resources” were used. This method manipulates a native world’s resources to ensure all textures load into Minecraft without any mods.

After that, C1OUS3R spent time recreating the entirety of the overworld from The Legend of Zelda. Everything from the game’s starting point to the rivers, caves, etc. has been remade. Instead of leaving it as a 2D plain, C1OUS3R added 3D elements.

Using an online tool known as Blockbench, C1OUS3R cut down his time recreating the world. “This allows you to build the models and export them as a Minecraft file,” the creator explains in his video. Afterward, C1OUS3R created a model of Link and worked on a number of overworld enemies.

Within the first video published, only the first dungeon has been created. “Maybe if it does well enough, I can revisit this map and make the others.” The video concludes with C1OUS3R inviting a number of YouTubers to play through the overworld and the first dungeon.

Later, on Reddit, C1OUS3R says they will release the playable creation once their YouTube video on the project reaches 5,000 likes. As of the time of writing, the ‘I Made The Legend of Zelda in Minecraft’ video has 2,300 likes. It appears as though the goal may be within reach after only 24 hours of being live, as C1OUS3R is close to the halfway mark.

Minecraft has always been seen as this playground for players and creators to explore what’s possible. However, even after all these years, it’s exceptional to see a project so ambitious come to life.

Image credit: C1OUS3R

Source: Reddit ‘C1OUS3R’ Via: Engadget

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