I tried Bell’s 5G Shot Clock Challenge on Snapchat at the Raptors game and you should too

A limited time lens allows fans to shoot virtual hoops

Anyone who’s ever attended a Toronto Raptor’s home game knows the energy inside the arena is crazy.

Dedicated fans fill thousands of seats at Scotiabank Arena, cheering loudly every time their favourite team scores. But anyone attending a game under the Welcome Toronto series has the opportunity to do some extra cheering.

Bell and Snapchat have partnered to create a new lens that lets attendees shoot their own round of hoops through the Bell 5G Shot Clock Challenge on Snapchat, just like their favourite players.

I had the chance to check the feature out, and the experience is intense.

A special QR code adds the lense to Snapchat accounts where users can pick a team, playing opposite their fellow Toronto Raptors fans. Users can pick between the Black and Gold teams, which is followed by the lowering of a virtual net and a countdown.

The goal was to shoot as many baskets as possible, and it took me a round or two to get the hang of it. I’m no basketball protegee, but my competitive side definitely came out.

Bell’s 5G technology meant I faced no lag while playing the game alongside fellow fans. Unfortunately, a 5G device is needed to play against other fans. But those with 4G and LTE-connected devices can still join in on the fun through a single player version. Having experienced both through my group, I can promise you the 4G and LTE experiences are just as competitive.

The lense is available at games part of the Welcome Toronto series at Scotiabank arena. If you’re interested in trying the lens out, you can do it at the next home games on February 10th or March 18th.

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