ChatGPT Professional access appears for some users

Faster response speed, more reliable access, and priority access to new features are what's available with the paid plan

Earlier in January, OpenAI said it’s exploring monetization options for its ChatGPT chatbot, which is reportedly costing the company roughly $100,000 USD (about $134,000 CAD) per day, or roughly $3 million USD (about 4 million CAD) per month.

During the time, OpenAI had shared a waitlist for an “experimental” paid version of ChatGPT, called “ChatGPT Professional,” which would offer a more reliable service, with faster response times, no throttling and “at least” twice the daily number of answers compared to the free version.

Now, some users have reportedly been granted access to “ChatGPT Professional,” and the paid service costs $42 (roughly $56 CAD). OpenAI has not officially confirmed this test or made any announcements regarding the launch of the paid subscription. Further, it is important to note that ChatGPT Professional features and pricing may change before the paid service officially launches.

According to users who have been given early access to the pro tier, $42 USD a month gets you faster response speed, more reliable access, and “priority access to new features.” To get access to the ChatGPT Professional, users need to fill out an access form available on the company’s Discord. Anyone can fill up the ‘Professional ChatGPT access’ form, which contains questions regarding how you would use ChatGPT and what price you’d pay for the paid service.

Would you be interested in paying roughly $56 CAD a month for an upgraded AI chatbot, or is the free version good enough for most? Let us know in the comments below.

Elsewhere, there have been reports of malicious actors publishing fake versions of the ChatGPT on both the App Store and the Play Store. These “copycat” apps use similar icons and names to ChatGPT and are making a profit by charging users for the free service. Read more about it here.

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Via: The Verge

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