Freedom Mobile discounts yearly plan with 50GB to $99

If someone you know has a phone but barely uses it, this could be the plan for them

This plan is for you if you live in the greater Toronto area or somewhere else with good Freedom mobile coverage and rarely travel.

For $99 per year, you can get 50GB of data annually and unlimited talk and text within Canada. This plan is also pre-paid, meaning it’s a one-time payment. That said, new plans also have a one-time $10 activation fee.There’s also a cheaper plan with pay-per-use data that costs $89, but at this price, paying the extra $10 for 50GB of data seems worth it to me. Ideally, this plan could be good for family members who don’t leave the city much or who don’t use a phone often but like to have one just in case.

This discount is a Boxing Week offer, so we don’t expect it to last much longer.

Source: Freedom Mobile 

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