Casetify’s Pixel 7 cases are stylish and pricey

I'm a big fan of the looks, but it'd be nice if the cases were a little less expensive

Earlier this year, smartphone accessory maker Casetify rolled out new cases for Google’s Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. The company sent me a couple Pixel 7 cases to test out. My impressions so far are that they’re well-made, durable and sport excellent, fun designs. My only real complaints come down to the thickness (I am ever in search of a thinner case) and price.

Let’s start with the good stuff. Casetify says its ‘Impact’ series of cases of the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are made with 65 percent upcycled plastic and can withstand a drop of 8.2 feet (I did not drop test my phone to see if this is true, but if my Pixel 7 does take a significant tumble some day, I’ll update this with the results.) Beyond that, there are a ton of designs to pick from, and there’s an option to make your own custom cases too.

The wide range of options helps make up for the fact that Casetify only offers one type of case for the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro — the ‘Impact’ series — and only three colour options, two of which are black. While I would have liked to see more options (for example, the iPhone 14 Pro has nine different case types), the range of back designs makes it easier to accept the limited number of case designs.

However, when it comes to the three colour options, matte black is king. The other options are ‘clear black’ and ‘sheer kiwi’ — the former looks fine but doesn’t have as nice a feel as the soft-touch matte, and the latter didn’t really thrill me, although I’m sure some people might like the kiwi colour.

The two Casetify cases I tried were the ‘I’m leaving this planet‘ design in matte black and the ‘Research by Other Minerals‘ design in clear black. I really like both, but as mentioned above, I found I preferred the feel of the matte black. It’s more of a soft-touch texture and feels grippier than the glossy clear black. It’s a bit of a bummer since I really like the Research by Other Minerals design.

Interestingly, both cases came with a QR code attached, which I could scan to “authenticate” the case. Whether or not you care about having an authentic Castefiy case, going through the process does net you $5 USD to go towards your next Casetify purchase. Which, frankly, you’ll need.

All the Pixel 7 Casetify cases I looked at cost $50 USD (about $68.46 CAD). Casetify offers free worldwide shipping, which is nice, but the price is still steep, in my opinion. And if you start looking at some of the other options available for iPhone, prices can climb as high as $90 USD ($123.23 CAD). For me, that’s far too much to spend on a phone case, but if you’re flush with cash and want a nice case with a cool design, Casetify does deliver.

You can check out all the Pixel 7 cases here, or view Casetify’s other accessories here.

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