Fido, Koodo, Virgin end Black Fridays deals and roll out new plans

Unsurprisingly, these plans don't stack up to the stellar $45/50GB Black Friday offer

Koodo, Fido, and Virgin Plus logos on smartphones.

Fido, Koodo, and Virgin Plus removed their promotional plans, and the new plans on offer are… not so great. Of course, it’s hard to compare to the excellent $45/mo 50GB and $30/mo 20GB plans on offer over Black Friday. Also interesting is that the three providers don’t have identical offers, which is pretty rare these days.

You can find the new plans listed below, divided by carrier. One thing worth keeping in mind is all the plans with data include unlimited talk and text.


  • $20/mo talk and text
  • $50/mo 12GB
  • $55/mo 20GB
  • $60/mo 25GB

You can check out Fido’s plans here.


  • $25/mo unlimited talk and text (Listed as a promo plan that ends on… January 12th, 2022?)
  • $45/mo 6GB plan (Also listed as a promotional plan, but with no end date)
  • $55/mo 10GB (8GB plan with bonus 2GB of data)
  • $60/mo 20GB (10GB plan with bonus 10GB of data)
  • $65/mo 25GB (15GB plan with bonus 10GB of data)

It’s worth noting all of Koodo’s data plans include Koodo’s new perk options like international texting, rollover data, and more.

You can check out Koodo’s plans here.

Virgin Plus

  • $32/mo talk and text (new activations only)
  • $55/mo 8GB
  • $60/mo 10GB
  • $65/mo 25GB

You can check out Virgin’s plans here.

Starter plans

Finally, all three providers still have CRTC-mandated ‘Starter’ plans, which don’t appear to have changed significantly.

  • $15/mo 250MB (3G speed, 100 outgoing and unlimited incoming minutes)
  • $35/mo 3GB (3G speed)
  • $37.50/mo 2GB (4G speed)
  • $41.25/mo 4GB (4G speed)
  • $45/mo 6GB (4G speed, Koodo has this listed with its regular plans)

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