Lucky Mobile offering 10GB of bonus data on select plans for one year

The offer is only available for new activations

Bell-owned Lucky Mobile is joining Public Mobile and Chatr in offering huge data bonuses to customers on several plans.

Lucky Mobile is offering 10GB of bonus data for 12 months on $40+ plans for new activations. This deal includes the following:

  • $40/mo 7GB plan
  • $50/mo 12GB plan
  • $60/mo 17GB plan
  • $70/mo 22GB plan

These plans also include unlimited Canada-wide calling and international texting, while some of the plans also include unlimited calling to the U.S.

The offer is available online and in select stores until Monday, November 14th. Additionally, Lucky Mobile will give you a 50 percent discount if you order the SIM card online.

Follow the links to find similar offers from Public Mobile and Chatr.

Source: Lucky Mobile

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