Amazon lets you register for ‘Pixel 7a Family’ launch news

The registration mentions a "watch" as well, potentially hinting at a lower-cost Pixel Watch

Pixel 6a

Google typically releases two sets of Pixel phones each year, the flagship Pixels in the fall and ‘a’ series mid-range Pixel phone(s) in the spring/summer. Next up on the docket for Google is the Pixel 7a — presumably, that will be the name — and it might be coming sooner than expected.

GSM Arena spotted an Amazon subscription listing for a “Google Pixel 7a Family Launch Announcement,” potentially hinting at an upcoming reveal of Google’s mid-range Pixel. You can find this by heading to Your account > email subscriptions > browse all subscriptions. However, it’s worth noting that the listing doesn’t appear on Amazon Canada (I had to use Amazon’s U.S. site to view it).

What stood out to me most about this listing was the “family” part. Google typically doesn’t release a “family” of A-series phones, but it has done so before. There was the Pixel 3a and 3a XL, and the Pixel 4a and 4a 5G. Could this be a hint at a Pixel 7a and 7a XL?

Also of note is the description attached to the subscription:

“Please subscribe to this list to receive notifications about the Google Pixel 7a and Watch launch.”

Watch… didn’t Google just release a Pixel Watch? Could this be hinting at a budget-friendly Pixel Watch A-series? Possibly, but I have my doubts. And I’m not alone.

Android Authority also raised some questions about the Amazon subscription, noting that Google only just released the Pixel 6a in July, writing it would be “an extremely early release for Google.” Moreover, it questions the mention of a watch, suggesting there could possibly be a typo and this was for the Pixel 7 and Watch that Google launched earlier this month.

However, Nikkei Asia published a report on October 6th that Google planned to produce four million units of a budget phone for early next year. That lends some credence to the Amazon subscription.

And of course, it’s worth acknowledging that this could simply be Amazon getting an extremely early jump on the Pixel 7a’s spring/summer 2023 launch. Even if that’s the case, I’d be skeptical of what’s mentioned and not read into things too much. There hasn’t been anything to corroborate multiple Pixel 7a devices or a Pixel Watch Series-A so far, and the latter seems extremely unlikely given the multiple Fitbit devices that technically fill that budget smartwatch role.

Source: Amazon Via: GSM Arena, Android Authority

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