Koodo, Fido add $55/10GB plans to match Virgin Plus

Virgin Plus also added a $5/mo discount for 12 months to its $55/mo and $60/mo plans

Yesterday, the Big Three flanker brands — Telus’ Koodo, Rogers’ Fido, and Bell’s Virgin Plus — rolled out new $60/mo 20GB promotional plans. At the time, Virgin also offered a $55/mo 10GB plan, and now Koodo and Fido have added matching plans.

First, let’s talk about Virgin’s plan. The Bell flanker brand lists the $55/mo 10GB plan as a limited-time offer with a $5/mo bill credit for 12 months. It’s only available for new bring-your-own-phone (BYOP) activations.

Although the website isn’t entirely clear, it looks like the $5/mo discount applies on top of the $55/mo price, which means you’ll pay $50 for 10GB for 12 months. That pricing wasn’t reflected when I tried to check out with the plan, but a sales representative confirmed that’s how it worked.

Virgin Plus plans as of July 30th, 2022

It’s worth noting that Virgin’s $60/20GB plan similarly includes a $5/mo discount for 12 months, which wasn’t listed on the plan yesterday. That makes the $60/20GB plan from Virgin a better deal than Fido or Koodo since you’ll pay $5 less for the first 12 months ($60 total savings).

Koodo plans as of July 30th, 2022

Next up, Koodo. The Telus flanker brand has offered a $55/mo 8GB plan for a while now, but it has added a $55/10GB ‘promo’ plan too (while writing this article, Koodo updated its website to remove the second $55/8GB plan).

Koodo’s 10GB plan is also a limited-time offer, only available to BYOP customers, and the plan notes that it’s the $55/8GB plan with 2GB of bonus data for 10GB total.

Fido plans as of July 30th, 2022

Finally, Rogers flanker brand Fido appears to have just changed its existing $55/8GB plan to a $55/10GB plan to match the others. The Fido website doesn’t indicate whether the plan is a limited-time offer. Moreover, if you try to get a phone on Fido’s website, the website automatically selects the $60/20GB plan, and there’s no option to choose the $55/10GB plan.

So, it looks like if you want to get either the $55/10GB or $60/20GB plans, Virgin Plus will be the best option. Although the $5/mo bill credit only lasts 12 months, that’s still a $60 savings over Koodo and Fido. However, keep an eye out as the other providers may offer their own credits to match.

You can check out Virgin’s plans here, Koodo’s plans here, and Fido’s plans here. Note that prices may vary by region.

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