Chromebooks could save you some battery life when charging

Chrome OS 105 will save you about 10% of battery life

Chromes OS will bring a new upgrade to Chromebook users to save battery life when browsing the web, courtesy of Chrome OS 105.

With Chrome OS 105, there will be a battery-saving optimization to prevent websites from draining your battery in the background. This typically happens when websites use your CPU while unopened, which puts your battery to work.

About Chromebooks discovered something within the Chrome OS 105 developer beta through a flag, showing that JavaScript activities from inactive websites will be deprioritized while limiting the time they can run the script.

As a result, Google has noted to expect up to 10 percent in battery life improvements, but these aren’t guaranteed, depending on the website running in the background.

Chrome OS 86 originally included background throttling for JavaScript but did not conserve as much battery life as Chrome OS 105.

Chrome OS 105 continues to work with a shorter window, which benefits battery optimization, but only time will tell whether changes will need to be made.

Source: Google Via: Android Police

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