Quebec sending letters to eligible households offering subsidized Starlink

The letter offers a free connection kit and $100/month service (a $40/month discount)

Back in May, the Quebec provincial government announced plans to use SpaceX’s Starlink to provide internet access to 10,000 Quebec homes. Now, some residents have received letters offering a subsidy to use Starlink.

As spotted by Tesla North, a Redditor posted a picture of a letter they received from the Quebec government. The letter details how the government checked to see which homes would not be able to be served by high-speed wired or wireless broadband internet for the foreseeable future. Homes within this group were selected and received letters like the one pictured below offering a “free connection kit” and subsidized subscription.

According to the Redditor, the program subsidizes the cost of Starlink by $40, bringing the monthly cost to about $100. It’s worth noting that price hikes in March increased Starlink to $140/mo and upped the connection kit to $759.

Recipients are directed to fill out a form online. Depending on that response, the letter says the government may initiate an “authentication process,” eventually leading to Starlink orders and services starting in July.

Although imperfect, Starlink has proven useful in connecting rural Canadians to high-speed internet. Quebec isn’t the only government relying on Starlink to connect residents — the Canadian government used Starlink to help connect hundreds of homes in rural Manitoba.

Source: Reddit Via: Tesla North

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