Google Maps’ new Android widget aims to help you navigate rush hour traffic

Other major widgets will include emails, to-do list and language translation

Google Android Maps Widget

Google says that it has launched more than 30 widgets for its first-party Android apps and that an upcoming widget for Maps offers nearby traffic information based on your current location.

Google showed off several images of the widget in action, including a screenshot of Maps’ blue current location symbol. Traffic can easily be spotted via the colour-coded street layers featured in the app.

A ‘floating action’ button added to the bottom right corner of the widget allows users to zoom in and out on the map. Google released an iOS version of its Maps widget in 2021, though it lacks this new nearby traffic layer.

In addition to the traffic layer Maps widget, Google has added ’email archive,’ ‘to-do list,’ ‘language translation skimming,’ and the ability to resize widgets to Android.

Google says the ‘nearby traffic’ widget layer will arrive on Android “in the coming weeks.” It’s unclear if the feature will also launch in Canada in this same time frame.

Image credit: Google

Source: Google Via: 9to5Google