Tesla’s ‘Sentry Mode’ records a truck owner unplugging a charging Model 3

The clip went viral on Reddit after the Model 3 owner, who was taking a nap inside the car, uploaded the footage

Welcome back to another episode of Why We Can’t Have Good Things, this time around, featuring a despicable pickup truck driver being a jerk toward an electric vehicle (EV) owner for no apparent reason.

Shared on the Tesla Model 3 subreddit, user ‘OrdinarySpecialist38’ uploaded a video shot in Campbellville, Ontario, titled “Anyone know the incentives for this behaviour? Was it the J1172 adapter? Was napping in the back seat, opened my eyes to see this Discount Bill Burr pull out the plug and fudge with the adapter and port. Did Sentry Mode cut the footage short because I was in the car already?”

Yes, the “discount Bill Purr” line had me laughing too. Apparently, OrdinarySpecialist38 was napping in his Tesla Model 3 while it was plugged into a public charger when a wild pickup truck driver appeared out of nowhere and unplugged the vehicle. The incident was caught on tape as the Tesla’s Sentry Mode system kicked in when the truck pulled in.

Comments under the thread are golden, with users making fun of inflated gas prices, and how that lead the pickup truck owner to take his frustration out on the unsuspecting Tesla owner.

“Just because you’re bitter that gas prices are the highest they’ve ever been doesn’t mean you need to be a jerk to an EV owner,” read a comment by ‘ss68and66,’ whereas ‘RudeboyGru’ said “Yeah.. see thats a man child that’s upset that he has to pay over 100 bucks to fill up. Just get the car bro, i did. Been saving up up for over a year (for the down payment) myself. In the end i hate people.”

In a follow-up comment, OrdinarySpecialist38 explained the events in a little more detail:

“As he drives up to and in-front of the car, he utters the word “yep” to himself or his passenger, I think.

This was last night at around 11:30PM ET and was at a carpool lot beside Hwy 401. This lot comes with 4 free 7kW charging stations. I was the only ev there at the time, however.

The guy continues messing around with the charger port for another 3-5 seconds then looks inside to see me watching him, after which he stopped all physical actions immediately.

He managed to separate the cord from the J1172 adapter, but the adapter stayed locked in the charge port for long enough for him to not be able to pull it out in time for me to stop him.

He tries to play it off by talking all loud and obnoxiously, shouting to the other guy back in the truck “hey this guy’s sleeping in here!!” They both pulled out in their truck, or the Dollar Store Bill Burr got into his own car at the carpool lot then they do, I can’t fully remember where he went after pulling the cord out of my car.

Still wondering why Sentry Mode wasn’t able to record more of the incident. Happy it got this much, though.”

Image credit: OrdinarySpecialist38

Source: Reddit ‘OrdinarySpecialist38’

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