Phones with Android 13 at launch will reportedly feature Huawei technology

The technology is reportedly too good to pass on

Google is reportedly planning on including the Enhanced Read-Only File System (EROFS) in Android 13 with system created by Huawei engineer Xiang Gao.

The feature offers a benefit over other existing file systems as well as space-saving compression and speed, and it’ll lead to faster updates and less storage space being used, according to Esper.

Huawei developed EROFS to be included in the Linux kernel, which is at the base of Android. Back in 2019, the U.S blocked Huawei from using American services, including Google, which is why we haven’t seen an Android-powered Huawei handset in several years. Most compression systems also take performance hits, but the EROFS system fixes this.

With Google working with EROFS, it means that devices that launch with Android 13 and have Google services built-in will have these services. This should include most of the flagship Android devices that launch next year in Canada.

That said, until U.S. sanctions lift on Huawei, we still won’t see a device sporting Android 13.

Source: Android Authority, Esper

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