Google finally rolls out personalized profiles for Google TV

The feature should be widely available 'over the next few weeks'

Back in October 2021, Google announced that support for personalized profiles on Google TV was coming before the year concluded. The feature was eventually delayed but is now finally making its way to Google TV.

Announced in a recent blog post, Google said “Google TV profiles let everyone in your home enjoy their own personalized space with their Google Account. With a personalized profile, you’ll get TV show and movie recommendations just for you, easy access to your personal watchlist and help from your Google Assistant.”

Even before this update, several people could log in to Google TV using their Google Account. However, Google TV would only filter suggestions for the primary account holder. With personalized profiles, each user’s recommendations, watchlist, and Google Assistant replies will be tailored to their interests and activities with no overlapping between other users/profiles.

Additionally, your Google TV profile will be linked to your account’s Google Assistant, which means that whenever you ask the assistant a question, its answer will be personalized according to your taste and paste choices.

According to Google, profiles are now rolling out to Google TV users, and should be widely available “over the next few weeks.”

To add a new Google TV profile, simply click on the profile picture on the top right of your Google TV home screen. Navigate to “+ Add Account,” and sign in to the Google account you want to add.

Learn more about personalized profiles for Google TV here or learn how to set them up here.

Image credit: Google

Source: Google

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