Users notice vibration intensity issue after Pixel 6’s March update

It's unclear if this is a bug or a feature

In December, the Mountain View, California-based company released an update that severely impacted the calling experience for Pixel 6 series devices. Now it looks like the March update has also come with its own little bug. According to Droid-Life, the March Pixel 6 update has caused the haptic and vibration intensity in the Pixel 6 to diminish.

Droid-Life says that a reader was the first to point it out, but since then, they’ve started hearing it from multiple readers and seeing the issue appear in a handful of threads. Some users are reporting that vibrations are getting so weak that they are missing notifications or calls, even when the intensity is turned up to its highest setting. Others have said that the vibration intensity depends on the app as well.

However, Droid-Life has suggested that this might be a new feature and not a bug. Some users have noticed that the vibration seems to have a soft build-up and then peak to a higher intensity, and say they like this new pattern. While other users have said, this issue initially appeared in the Android 12L beta and has made it to the 12L stable version, which was packed with the March update.

And weird enough, Google’s community post now says that it fixed an issue causing weaker haptic feedback, which was not there initially. The new line, according to Droid-Life, was added on March 8th.

At MobileSyrup, our Pixel 6 users have not noticed any differences with their handsets, so perhaps this issue isn’t hitting everyone.

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve noticed any problems with your Pixel 6’s vibration intensity.

Source: Droid-Life 

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