EH!tel constructing network to bring high-speed internet to Waterloo communities

Construction began in January and is expected to be completed in June

EH!tel Networks is fresh into a project that will bring high-speed internet to communities in the Region of Waterloo.

SWIFT awarded the network the project contract in 2020 to bring high-speed internet services to residents living in rural communities between Weissenburg and Maryhill.

Construction began in January and will be complete by June.

“EH!tel is proud to partner with SWIFT to connect underserved communities in the Region of Waterloo,” Antonius Peeters, CEO of EH!tel Networks, said. “The project will lead to new partnerships, stimulate economic growth, create employment, and keep families connected.”

Coverage will be available across Crowsfoot Road, Durant Road, Beitz Road, Maryhill Road, St. Charles Street East and Pine Creek Road once the project is complete.

Image credit: Shutterstock

Source: SWIFT

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