Bell adds Google Distributed Cloud Edge to its network

The addition builds on their partnership that launched last year

Bell will deploy Google’s Distributed Cloud Edge in its network.

Google’s application brings its cloud infrastructure to the area where data is shared and consumed.

“Bell is building a network of the future that will scale up to embrace the demands of 5G-enabled applications, and additionally enable us to offer these capabilities to innovative 3rd party application providers who want to tap into 5G network,” Petri Lyytikainen, Bell’s VP of Network, said in a statement.

The partnership will allow Bell to efficiently run at a higher capacity, innovate new business opportunities, and deploy networks, such as 5G, in a variety of ways.

“By successfully deploying Google Distributed Cloud Edge in their networks, Bell is able to reimagine its infrastructure management while serving differentiated network experiences to both public and enterprise customers,” Amol Phadke, managing director of telecom industry solutions at Google Cloud, said.

Bell and Google originally launched their partnership in 2021 to incorporate Bell’s 5G network with Google’s multiple areas of expertise, including data analytics and artificial intelligence.

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Source: Bell

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