Telus partners with Sandvine to enhance its network’s security, speed, and reliability

The telecom company will use various applications developed by Sandvine

Telecom giant Telus has entered a new contract with network intelligence company Sandvine to assist with future growth across its network.

The “multi-year contract” will see Telus using Sandvine’s application and network intelligence solutions through Google cloud to monitor and manage mobile data and video traffic. Telus will also use Sandvine’s 4G and 5G analytics solutions towards security, customer insights, and enhancing experience.

This isn’t the first time the two companies have worked together. Telus has been a Sandvine customer since 2013.

The new extension will allow Telus to keep up with growing demands for speed, latency, and reliability, a statement from Sandvine states. This is a must if Telus hopes to continue to offer the fastest mobile speeds in Canada.

“Our relationship with Sandvine in their application and network intelligence solutions will play an important role in helping us ensure we deliver high-quality experiences and greater security for our customers as 5G, Cloud and Digital business adoption grows in Canada,” Ibrahim Gedeon, the chief technology officer at Telus, said in a statement.

Details as to how long the contract will last and how much Telus paid are not publicly available.

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Source: Sandvine

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