Koodo reportedly offering some customers 5GB of bonus data again

Koodo previously offered customers 5GB of bonus data for Black Friday -- this could be an extension of that offer

Koodo is reportedly offering customers 5GB of free bonus data once again.

According to a screenshot of a text message from Koodo sent to our friends over at iPhone In Canada, the Telus flanker brand is showing its “appreciation” to customers with the 5GB offer. You can read the full text below:

“Koodo: Hi, [redacted]. Thanks for sticking with Koodo! To show our appreciation, we added 5GB of bonus monthly data to your account, for no additional cost. Check out this gift by logging into Self-Serve at http://koo.do/selfserve. It will stay on until you change your plan or upgrade your phone. ‘But Koodo,’ you ask, ‘why are you doing this?’ Consider it a random act of happiness. Conditions apply. You’re included on the list for Koodo offers and deals. To be excluded, reply ‘unsubscribe’ or visit [redacted].”

Notably, the message notes that the bonus data will stick on users’ accounts until they change their plan or upgrade their phone. In other words, you should be able to hold onto the bonus data for a while if you don’t plan on changing either your plan or phone soon.

Koodo 5GB bonus data message and the add-on as seen in Self Serve | Image credit: iPhone in Canada

That stands in stark contrast to Rogers flanker brand Fido, which recently offered 5GB of bonus data to some customers. Fido’s bonus data will drop off after 15 months, however. It’s also worth noting that Fido and Koodo offered 5GB of bonus data to customers as part of Black Friday in November. This latest round of giving may be an extension of that.

Speaking of, I checked the RedFlagDeals thread from that Koodo Black Friday offer and found a new post from user ‘Kymera’ on December 2nd that noted they received the 5GB bonus offer and that it was still on. Kymera wrote that they had recently moved to the $50/mo 12GB plan Koodo offered during Black Friday. Interestingly, Kymera also said they signed up for the Public Mobile Black Friday promotion with the same email they used for Koodo and received the 5GB bonus text shortly after. They wrote that they did the Public Mobile deal for a family member, but now wonders if Koodo sent the 5GB bonus to dissuade them from switching to a cheaper Public plan.

Regardless, if you’re a Koodo subscriber, you may want to keep an eye out for a text message from the carrier (or even head straight to your Koodo Self Serve account to check for the offer).

Source: iPhone in Canada, RedFlagDeals

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