Fido reportedly offering some customers 5GB of bonus data again

As before, the bonus lasts for 15 months


Another day, another Fido 5GB bonus data offer.

It seems every time I turn around, there’s another RedFlagDeals thread from Fido customers who received a 5GB data bonus offer from the Rogers flanker brand. The original poster didn’t specify any time limits on the offer, but another RFD user confirmed they got the deal too.

Like previous Fido 5GB bonus offers, the extra data will last 15 months and then drop off the account. According to screenshots shared by the RFD users, the data has “no added cost [and] no new contract.”

That said, some other RFD users noted that they had credits on their account (e.g. $5 off per month) and when they claimed the 5GB bonus data offer, it counted as a ‘plan change’ and removed the credit. It’s not clear how widespread that issue is, but it’s something to be aware of if you have a sizeable credit and you see the 5GB offer.

Image credit: Minimo07 on RFD

One user chimed in that they weren’t able to get the 5GB bonus data, but when they checked their account, there was a $60/mo 35GB plan available instead.

Ultimately, your mileage may vary with this offer. If you do miss it this time around, you might be able to claim one in the future — Fido seems to offer 5GB of bonus data fairly often. Back in November, Fido (and surprisingly Koodo) offered some customers 5GB of bonus data for Black Friday. Before that, we covered two instances in October where Fido customers received 5GB of bonus data.

If you’re a Fido customer, you may want to check your MyAccount portal to see if there’s bonus data available for you.

Source: RedFlagDeals