Some users experiencing USB bugs in macOS Monterey

If you rely on a USB-C hub for work, you might want to wait a few weeks before updating

As macOS Monterey rolls out to Macs around the world, some users are experiencing a bug related to USB-C hubs no longer working with their Mac.

A report published by Cult of Mac outlines a Reddit user that found their MacBook Pro hub’s USB-C ports stopped working after updating to Monterey, but that their HDMI port still functioned normally. The user was able to remedy this by using an official Apple-certified hub.

Other users experienced USB-C display monitor issues and power throughput bugs when using external USB-C accessories.

This issue also appears to be affecting both Intel and Apple chip Mac devices, and there is no clear fix from Apple yet. Hopefully, a future build of the OS update will remedy the problem, but for now, it appears that dongle compatibility is spotty.

I’ll also note that during my time with macOS Monterey so far, the main issue I’ve encountered consistently is that Safari crashes every time I try to drag a tab out of its window to create a separate window.

Source: Cult of Mac

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