Apple’s iPhone 14 could feature 2TB storage option

Let's wait a few more months before jumping on the iPhone 14 hype train, please

iPhone 13 Pro max

Though the iPhone 13 series only just went on sale, rumours surrounding Apple’s next-gen iPhone — likely called the iPhone 14 — are already starting to appear.

This year, Apple doubled the base storage for the iPhone 13 mini/iPhone 13 from 64GB to 128GB and added a pricey 1TB storage option for the iPhone 13 Pro/iPhone 13 Pro Max.

With the iPhone 14, it looks like the tech giant could be planning to step up its storage game even further.

The China-based publication MyDrivers, a website with a spotty reputation when it comes to leaks, says that the iPhone 14 will switch to QLC flash storage, allowing Apple to increase the smartphone line’s storage to 2TB (as a side note, imagine how much this would cost in Canada 💰). If accurate, it’s likely only the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will offer this storage tier.

We’ve already seen several iPhone 14 rumours over the last few weeks, including one that the series will feature a significant change in design for the entire line. Rumours point to the iPhone 14 ditching the display notch entirely, sporting an in-display Touch ID sensor, and of course featuring the usual expected camera/chip improvements.

There are also rumours indicating that Apple will kill off the mini line in favour of offering a cheaper version of the larger Pro Max.

With the iPhone 14 series’ official reveal roughly a year away, it’s important to note that Apple’s plans regarding the smartphone line could change drastically in the coming months.

Source: MyDrivers Via: MacRumors 

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